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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Stationary Steam Locomotive boilers. Part 1

I first read about stationary steam locomotive in an article in the Sept. 1970 issue of Railroad Magazine about Northwestern Steel & Wire steam operations. On the first page of the article is a picture of CB&Q No. 6317 2-10-4 being used to supply steam to the NWS&W plant. This got me thinking about how I could add the same operation to my layout. Which started the project.

There really wasn't much information about stationary steam locomotives on the net due to if they were used they more than like was inside the industry and out of view from the public. This made the project somewhat hard, and the project ended up getting shelved until I could find more information. While looking at a website I ran across a picture of four German steam locomotives being used as stationary boils, and the project got fired back up. After a few emails with the photograph Rolf Stumpf, he sent me additional pictures of these locomotives and information on the operation. With this information, the project took off.

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