KV&O RS11 #431 switching out a couple bad orders.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Car Floats part 4

Started the first of 3 car floats. These are being built out of 3/4 MDF step board. Found these at Lowes for $8.00. I came up with a pattern of a car float traced it on foam board and cut it out. I can use the foam board pattern to make my car floats. At first, I thought about building my car floats out of foam board so it would light way but it would also be flimsy. So I when with MDF.

Not really satisfied with the overall look of the area and area itself. it will probably get redone at a later date.

Diesel Shops and Turntable Part 5

Got the ballasting done and the backdrop repainted around the diesel shop. and the ballasting around the roundhouse done. Now for some foliage an detail parts around both places.