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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Car Floats part 2

Have a had a little more progress on the car float apron. Still, lots to do but it is a start. I cut out for the harbor and dropped it down 3/4 if an inch. I use foam board from the Dollar Tree to make the retaining walls. the top of the wall will be covered with styrene to help with the appearance. Going to use dowel rods for guidepost for the car float and tie offs. Also going to have to come up with something for an overhead crane for the apron. These cranes were used to raise and lower the apron to match the height of the car float. The apron was made out of an old Atlas bridge and styrene. the bench work was cover in a small layer of plaster and sanded smooth, and painted brown, green and blue. I found some clear plastic tablecloth in my wife's craft room,  that I borrowed a small piece of. I think it gives a pretty good ripple effect.

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