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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Control Panels Part 1

After following Tom Patterson's blog on his layout and seeing the control panels that he has been building after Gerry Alber's panels it got me thinking.

I have added a lot of trackage to the layout and at the point the I don't have enough Atlas Selectors to finish adding power to the tracks. I could buy more selectors but I will still have to build new panels. I like the look of Tom's panels and after a few emails and finding out what program was used to make the panels, I started working on my own. The program used was PowerPoint. These are the panels that will be used in the yard. I purchased a pack of 50 mini toggle switches from China and once I get the other panels building will start. I will be making a few track changes in the next little bit so the panels will not be built until the changes have been made.

Take Care, Stay Safe, Happy Modeling, and God Bless

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