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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

1/72 Scale Modeling

Well, it is after the new year and I not done hardly anything to show on the layout or the steel mill. I took a small break and did some 1/72 scale modeling instead. Always been interested in WWII and got hundreds of books on it. Was surfing the net one day and found some scale models that really caught my eye. Even though 1/72 is some bigger than 1/87 I wanted to go with 1/72 due to a couple of reasons. First, off a lot of vehicles and airplanes, I wanted to do are not produced in 1/87 scale. The other reason was that for what you pay for a 1/87 scale model, one could get 2 or 3 models in 1/72 scale of the same vehicle. Here are my first few attempts to do a little 1/72 scale modeling. All vehicles and planes were painted with rattle can paint and dry brushed weathering with acrylic paints. I ran out of dull-cote is why a couple of the model are shiny.

Morser Karl

Morser Karl

Ammunition Panzer

M4A1 Half Track

M4A3 76mm Sherman Tank

B-17 bomber

Fokker DR.1 Tri-Wing Plane (The Red Baron)

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