Three sets of SD units wait on crews to head north out of Black Mountain yards to the Leatherwood branch in the coal fields of Eastern, KY

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Safety Signs Part 1

I been looking for a way to add safety signs on some of my buildings that already is on the layout. I have tried decaling with no luck and thought about printing them out on photo paper. I turned to the net and found what I wanted. I then went to Microsoft paint and edited the safety signs so they would work with what I have. I then went to my local CVS and had a couple 4 x6 photos printed. I was really surprised how they turned out.

This is a shot looking at tracks of the BOF. Narrow gauge track is used for supplies only. Center track is for the scrap charging boxes and the outside track is for gondolas loaded with scrap from the scrap yard. The start of the caution signs can be seen in this pictures also in the crane legs and at the doors.

Maintenance access door signs can also be seen here.

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