Three sets of SD units wait on crews to head north out of Black Mountain yards to the Leatherwood branch in the coal fields of Eastern, KY

Friday, September 12, 2014

Interchange Yard Part 1

Yard tower, crew room and parking lot.

Locomotive service facility. The facility still serves steam and diesel locomotives. D&D Steel still uses steam locomotive in parts of its operations, but as these locomotives have major breakdowns, they are being replaced with diesels.

The small area under the stationary crane is where KV&O built their cars, until a building for building new cars was built. Now it is used to unload part and supplies. Rumor is the stationary crane will be torn down and a new over head traveling crane will be built.

Locomotive and cars shops. Here Locomotives are rebuilt and new cars are build or repaired. Looks like beside the shops a German BR52 locomotive has arrived. This will be rebuild and ran on the KV&O

Shot from the top of the coaling tower. On the right the yard tower crew room the walkway leads to the scale house and pass that is the locomotive and cars shops

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