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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Locomotive Maintenance Part 1

Started redoing my locomotive terminal for the past week so far this is what I have got completed.

Sanding Rack started out as an Atlas covered hopper that I got off eBay with a couple locomotives. It had some damage, and details were broken off. In June 2011 issue Model Railroader author Kazuo Terasawa did an article on kit-bashing a Modern Sand Tower. Since that article, I have been wanting to build one like it.

From the kit, I removed the grab irons some of the couple pockets and build a frame out of Plastruct material that the car could sit it. I then added handrails, roof vents, and piping.

I also detailed the coaling tower. Since I had the kit one thing about it I didn't like was the ladders. I am modeling between the 70s and 80s and I felt like they needed cages around them. I added Plastruct cage ladders. It took more then what I thought it would but I like how they look.

Next build is an asp pit, water tower(scratch built), and a diesel fuel storage tank (built from old tank car)

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