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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Transfer Cab - Part 1

I have seen pictures of transfer cabooses on the net and also seen a couple at work. I have been wanting to model one for a while, and finally took the time to set down and start the project. The parts used was a Playart Bobber caboose and the frame from an AHM Copula caboose and Plastruct parts.

First thing was to cut the sides of the Copula caboose to except the Bobber caboose body. The AHM weight was removed and a piece of styrene was cut to fit and a weight box was built with scrap styrene and weight was then glued to the box
With the frame done I turned to the cab's body. The Playart cab has to 2 screw extensions that has to be cut off, to allow that body to fit flat on the frame.

Now I turned to the handrails. This will be used in my steel mill so I wanted to build that rails so it looks like the machine shop use scrap metal to build them. I think it turns out pretty good. I cut the rails to fit measuring each one separate. Last I added Plastruct latter on the ends.
This was an easy build, about 3 hours. That's including drinking coffee. Now Just need to take into the paint booth.

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